To say that bringing you the Cattistock Countryside Show in the fateful summer of 2020 was a challenge, is an understatement.


But to say the challenge we presented you – a five-mile treasure hunt through the Frome Valley – was easy… well that would be an outright lie!

Many intrepid ‘would be’ competitor ditched it completely, deciding instead to simply soak up the delights of the show pods (who’d blame them?), after all, we have been the only show of the season.

No bother. Experience tells us, deep down in darkest Dorset, that when the going gets tough, there will always be some tough souls to get going. Many loins girded in their quest to find the clues and the answers – and we sensed a rekindling of a competitive streak that has been quashed by lockdown. Rapturous applause to those determined few.

So, with flags down, tents folded, left over cider and beer consumed, and, then sleep restored – we have eventually tallied the scores and contacted the gloriously resolute treasure hunters…

But first, let us raise a toast to our wonderful sponsors.

Saferry & Champness and Kitson & Trotman were, as ever, unimaginably generous with their support.

Whilst Boden and the Hunting Stock Market’s treasure haul of prizes was valued at over £500. The spoils of which divvied up amongst those winners who decoded our cryptic hunt.

We’d also like to thank the Cherry’s café in West Bay for their prize, and of course Brights and Hollis Mead for their support. Meanwhile, when you thought you were lost Symonds and Sampson’s signage ensured you were heading in the right direction.


Thank you all

Cherry’s Café,

West Bay

Claiming the Bounty

Laura Pattinson, Claire Crook, Tracey McNamara and Alex Cummings who all suffered sore feet and even sorer brains but came out triumphant having solved all the questions in the hunt. For their efforts we will not only be awarding the various voucher prizes but recommending they apply to GCHQ to join the government’s covert code breaking operations – Alan Turing might’ve been Dorset educated, but was never tested like this in Dorset!

Meanwhile, we have also decided to award Bella German-Ribon, Francesca and Luca, Pat Eyres and Julie Barbour for their rocket arms and laser precision on the wellie wangin’ arena. The news is obsessed by Elon Musk wanting to put “boots on the moon” – if he’s serious about it we know just the people he should talk to.

Finally, the Johnsen family, the Worsley family and Mandy Davies have all been chosen to win very special Hunting Stock Market vouchers for their mastermind knowledge of equestrianism.

Thank you all again for taking part – to those mighty few, may the exhilaration of victory last until next year’s show… Congratulations and see you in 2021.

The Cattistock Countryside Show Team

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