Whilst the preparations are in full swing, we thought it might be useful to provide some questions and answers in case there is any confusion on what our show on Sunday 2nd August involves


1. Can you explain what the show involves?

Usually we would do a countryside show in one location, however due to COVID we are unable to follow the same format as previous years. To adhere to number restrictions and social distancing guidelines, we have designed a treasure hunt which will take you to 4 different smaller “show sites” which will be themed.

2. What will be at the different show sites?

There will be a selection of tradestands, activities and demonstrations.

3. How can we get around the treasure hunt that leads to the different show sites?

You have the option to:
– Drive
– Ride
– Cycle
– Walk
– Run

4. How far is the route?

The route is 5 miles. 3.5 if you are driving.

5. Will we have to spend a lot of time in the car?

Not at all, just a few minutes between each show site

6. Is the route all on roads for riders, cyclists, walkers and runners?

Riders and walkers will be mostly across fields with a little road and track.
Cars and bicycles will follow the country lanes. Relatively easy peddling!

7. I am thinking of bringing my horse, is it like a fun ride?

Essentially yes but with a twist as you’ll be following the clues to the different show sites.

8. Will there be jumps?

You will have the option to do a round of clear round show jumping at the start.

9. Can I bring my dog?

Yes, you can bring anything on a lead (within reason) and there is a pooch based activity to enjoy.

10. Where does is start from?

The usual show site at Chilfrome. Follow signs on A356 near Maiden Newton using postcode DT2 0HU.

11. Will there be food?

Absolutely! There will be a BBQ, teas, coffees, cakes, local produce and for anyone in need of something a little stronger……a BAR!

12. If I ride my horse, bike or walk, how can I carry my shopping?

We can provide a delivery service for your shopping to meet you at the end of the treasure hunt.

Tickets are selling fast – if you are thinking of joining us please book in ASAP. Due to Covid, ticket sales have to be limited.

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