Pony Show 2024


Read on to view our Pony Show entries, challenges and prizes!

How to enter an event

Head over to Equo Events, choose your Class and fill in the details to register your place.

Ring 1

Start: 9:00am

Judge Mrs Debbie Hughes

£6 per class

  • Class 1: BEST TURNED OUT riders any age
  • Class 2: LEAD REIN PONY 12.2hh & under, riders 8 years & under
    Ponies to be led from the noseband (numbers permitting class will be split show type & non-show type)
  • Class 3: FIRST RIDDEN ridden in a snaffle (canter only in individual show)
  • Class 4: BEST RIDER 9 years & under (canter only in individual show)
  • Class 5: BEST RIDER 10 years & over
  • Class 6: VETERAN open to all over 16 years old
  • Class 7: PONY CLUB PONY 15hh & under (suitability and performance over a fence)
  • Class 8: BEST COLOURED open to all coloureds

CHAMPIONSHIP – 1st & 2nd prize winners from classes 1 –8


Start: not before 2pm

£10 for all three

1. Walk & Trot 2. Bending 3. Ride & Run

  • Class 9: 5 Years & under lead rein
  • Class 10: 8 Years & under may be led
  • Class 11: 12 Years & under

The  Main Arena

Start: 9:00am

Judge Mrs Scarlett Jones

  • Class 12: MINI WORKING HUNTER 12.2hh & under, fences up to 30cm (led or assisted)
  • Class 13: WORKING HUNTER fences up to 45cm
  • Class 14: WORKING HUNTER fences up to 55cm
  • Class 15: WORKING HUNTER fences up to 65cm

CHAMPIONSHIP – 1st & 2nd prize winners from classes 12 – 15

    Ring 2


    9am until 10.30am

    £3 per round & a rosette for all clear rounds


    Start: 10:30am

    Classes may be split if enough entries

    • Class 16: POLE ON THE GROUND 8 years & under – may be led/assisted
    • Class 17: MINI JUMPING 30CMS 10 years & under – may be led/assisted
    • Class 18: MINI JUMPING 40CMS 10 years & under – may be assisted
    • Class 19: HORSE & HOUND STAKES (will be split into age groups if sufficient entries
    • Class 20: MINI JUMPING 50CMS 12 years & under
    • Class 21: MAXI JUMPING 60CMS 16 Years & Under
    • Class 22: MAXI JUMPING 70CMS 16 Years & under


    Please  enter through Equo using the link. At least 1 class must be pre booked before additional on the day classes may be entered. There will be a limit on class sizes so you may be refused entry on the day if the maximum is reached. To avoid disappointment please book prior to show. All classes are £8 per class unless stated otherwise. Paramedics are on site and a £2.50 charge will be added per rider when booking. Classes will be charged at £10 on the day of show.

    Rules and regulations

    • Hard hats with chin straps must be worn at all times when mounted. Competitors are responsible for checking their hats confirm to the latest recommended standard.
    • The judges decision is final.
    • All competitors take part entirely at their own risk. The organisers do not hold themselves responsible for any accidents that may occur to horse, pony, dog, rider, property, spectators and all vehicles.
    • Competitors must immediately abide by any instructions given by a steward or any other member of the show team.
    • There will be NO entry refunds unless supported by a vet or doctors certificate.
    • The organisers reserve the right to make any alterations to the programme and timings as necessary.
    • Dogs must be kept on leads at all times
    • The age of the rider to be that on the day of the show.

    Extra Information

    If you need anymore details please call Jane Cooper on 07860710300 or email her: cooperjane393@gmail.com

    Bring your children, your dogs and your friends for a great Dorset day!