2024 SHOW DATE: Sunday 14th July!

Dog Shows 2023


Read on to see our Dog Show entries, challenges, prizes & Show Rules.

Ring One

Pedigree Section

Starts 9.30am

Judge: TBA

All classes £1.50 per class ( multi buys available)

Kindly sponsored by Dorwest (class vouchers, rosettes and goodie bags Best in Show and Reserve)

Open to Pedigree dogs and (B) Female from 6 months

  • Class 1: Any Pedigree Puppy Yearling 6 to 24 months (may be split if entry permits).
  • Class 2: Any Pedigree Sporting Gundogs Terriers and Hounds.
  • Class 3: Any Pedigree Non Sporting all other dogs.
  • Class 4: Open any of the above.
  • Class 5: Any Pedigree Veteran D/B 7 years and over.

Best in Show (unbeaten class winners above)

Reserve Best in Show

Best Puppy / Special Yearling

Best Veteran

Ring One

Sporting Section

Not before 11am

Judge TBA

All classes £1.50 per class ( multi buys available)

Sponsor Dorwest class prize vouchers

Best in show and reserve best in show. Goodie bags.

  • Class 6 Any sporting puppy/yearling 4 to 24 months.
  • Class 7 Any sporting Terrier Dog.
  • Class 8 Any sporting Terrier (B) Female.
  • Class 9 Any sporting Gunndog Dog.
  • Class 10 Any sporting Gundog (B) Female.
  • Class 11 Any sporting Hound/Lurcher Dog.
  • Class 12 Any sporting Hound/Lurcher (B) Female.
  • Class 13 Any sporting Dog owner Gamekeeper of other field sport worker, pony club member or supported or CA.
  • Class 14 As above Any Sporting (B) Female.
  • Class 15 Any Veteran Dog/(B) sporting breed 7 years and older.

All class winners to compete for below (can be beaten)

Best Puppy Yearling

Best Terrier

Best Gundog

Best Hound/Lurcher

Best Supporter

Best veteran


Reserve Champion

Ring One

Novelty Section

Not before 1.30pm

Open to Dogs/Bitch

Judge: TBA

Main Sponsor John Brights

Rosettes & prizes all classes

  • Class 16 Puppy/Yearling 4 to 24 months. May be split if entries permit. Kindly sponsored by John Brights.
  • Class 17 Handsomest Dog. This class is kindly sponsored by VB’s Online Shows.
  • Class 18 Prettiest Bitch. Kindly sponsored by MB Farriery.
  • Class 19 Family Pet Dog /Bitch. Kindly sponsored by John Brights.
  • Class 20 Mystery Class. Kindly sponsored by Taste of The Wild.
  • Class 21 Waggiest Tail. Kindly sponsored by John Brights.
  • Class 22 Best Short Breed Spaniel or Shorter. Kindly sponsored by John Brights.
  • Class 23 Best Tall Breed taller than a spaniel. Kindly sponsored by John Brights.
  • Class 24 Veteran (7 to 9 years old). Kindly sponsored by John Brights.
  • Class 25 Vintage ( 10 years and over). Kindly sponsored by John Brights.
  • Class 26 Service Dog i.e Guide dog Pat dog. Kindly sponsored by John Brights.
  • Class 27 Best Rescue/Rehome. Kindly Sponsored by John Brights.
  • Class 28 Countryside Companion. Sponsored by East Burton Estate. Show how well behaved your dog is on a nice loose lead, open and close the gate and tackle the course respecting the countryside code.

Ring One

Gymkhana section

Sponsored by John Bright.

You will need to pre book on the day as numbers are restricted to 12 per class. (You can enter all 4 classes) It is your responsibility to be at the ring when the class is called. To go off 3 at a time, rosettes first to third. Not judged on speed. Further instructions will be provided on the day. The winners of each class go forward to the Gymkhana winner and then the overall winner who competes in the championship at the end of the show.

Class 29 Starts in either a sit or a stand. Negotiate a figure of eight around the placed cones, then return to start. Finish in sit or stand.

Class 30 Starts in either a sit or stand or down. When instructed move forward place in a down, move forward, place in a sit, and then turn and return to start. Finish in a sit, start or down.

Class 31 Start in either a sit or stand. Move forward, weave in and out of the cones, there may be additional obsticles to negotiate. Return to start.

Class 32 Start in either a sit or a stand. Negotiate the jumps and the poles. No points will be lost for dislodging a pole. Should you dog not wish to jump, you can pick them up.

Awards for class or section winners

Best Gymkhana

Best Service dog

Best Rescue/Rehomed

Best Veteran from class winners 24 & 25

Best Puppy/Yearling


Reserve Champion

Ring Two

Working Dog’s Section

All classes £1.50 per class (multi buys available)

8am start

Due to the docking act, we have a working dog section prior to the show opening at 8am.

Please contact the dog show manager (Helen Freeman – 07976 968885) before the 25th July 2023 if you wish to take part in this section.

We will not be able to show a legally docked dog in the sporting, novelty, pedigree and junior sections, however you can do the agility and the gun dog working dog tests.

You will only be given access to the show ground before it opens with prior arrangement.

Any Terrier Dog

Any Terrier Bitch

Any Gun dog Dog

Any Gun dog Bitch

Any Spaniel Dog & Bitch

Any variety Dog & Bitch


Reserve champion

Rosettes 1st to 4th


Ring Two

Agility Activity Ring


From 11am

This ring is kindly sponsored by Phoenix Canine Therapies, they will be with us at the show as well

All classes £1.50 per class (multi buys available)

Open to Dogs and Bitches 6 months and over.

Jenny and her team will keep you busy. Rosettes to all in this ring.

This ring will be different this year and we are adding to the agility.

We are very excited about this new ring, it’s suitable for novice and experienced handlers. There will be tutorials on the day and an agility activity course.

Ring Three

Stockwood Lettings Junior Cattistock

Ring practise starts 10.30 am (anyone who wants to practise with their dog)

All classes £1.50, multi buys on day available

These classes kindly sponsored by Stockwood Lettings

For children up to the age of 16 no show experience needed for this section this is judged on how happy you and your dog are.

Families welcome.

Gymkhana classes need to be pre booked on day as numbers are restricted.

The fun show is also £1.50 per class tickets on day multiple buys available.

You will go off 3 at a time rosettes 1 to 3.

3 runs each class so total 9 chances each class.

11.30 am start 

  • Class 1 Start either sit stand move forward weave in and out cones both out and back to start finish either a sit or stand.

  • Class 2 Start in either a sit or stand when instructed move forward place in a down move forward place in a sit turn return to start finish in a sit or stand.

  • Class 3 Start in either a sit or stand negotiate the jumps and poles, no points lost dislodging a pole.

  • Class 4 Start in either a sit or stand negotiate a figure of 8 around the placed comes then return to start finish in a sit or stand.

Winners to compete for Champion Gymkhana.

Ring Three

Junior Fun Dog Show

Judged by Stockwood Lettings

  • Class 5 Any dog and age.
  • Class 6 Any (b) female any age.
  • Class 7 Family pet or more than one with family.
  • Class 8 best fancy dress theme Gymkhana or best decorated collar and or lead.
  • Class 9 Waggiest Tail
  • Class 10 Pony Club Member or supporter or family of keeper or farmer.

Winners to complete for Champion and runner up awards.

Dog Show Rules

All enquiries to Helen Freeman Dog Show Manager – 07976 968885

The docked dogs section is held prior to show opening. Sadly if your dog is legally docked it can only show in this section.

You can take part in the scurries and the activity ring.

All dogs are to be on fixed leads please (except when in the ring 2).

Please no retractable leads in all rings for safety reasons.

Please pick up after your dog we have bags for you this land is grazed by livestock.

No Bitches in season please or dogs that are poorly which could effect others.

We have a vet on call and carry first aid kit for dogs.

Thank you

With thanks to our Sponsors and our Supporters:

East Burton Estate ♥ MB Farriery ♥ VB’s Online Shows ♥ Taste of The Wild

Bring your children, your dogs and your friends for a great Dorset day!