2022 SHOW DATE: Sunday 24th July!

Dog Shows 2022


Read on to see our Dog Show entries, challenges, prizes & Show Rules.

Ring One

Pedigree Section

Starts 9.00am

Kindly sponsored by Dorwest

Judge: TBA

All classes are £1.50 ticket from dog show manager

  • Class 1: Any Puppy/Yearling 6 to 24 months class will be split if entries are large
  • Class 2: Any Variety Sporting (Gundogs Terriers and Hounds)
  • Class 3: Any Variety non Sporting (this includes Yorkshire Terrier & Tibetan Terriers)
  • Class 4: Any variety Veteran (Age 7 years and over)
  • Class 5: Open (any of above )

Best in Show unbeaten winners above classes

Reserve Best in Show

Best Puppy in Show / Special Yearling

Best Veteran in Show

£5 voucher from Dorwest for Class winners 1-5

Goody Bags for Best in show, Reserve best in show

Ring One

Sporting Section

To follow Pedigree – not before 11am

Kindly sponsored by Dorwest

Judge Will Bryer

Tickets from dog show manager £1.50 per class

  • Class 6: AV Gundog Dog class
  • Class 7: AV Gundog Female Class (b)
  • Class 8: AV Terrier D
  • Class 9: AV Terrier B
  • Class 10: AV Hound/ Lurcher (D)
  • Class 11: AV Hound/ Lurcher (B)
  • Class 12: AV Farmers, Keepers, Supporters, CA members, Pony Club (D)
  • Class 13: AV Farmers, Keepers, Supporters, CA members, Pony Club (B)
  • Class 14: AV Sporting veteran as above classes 7 years and over (D /B)
  • Class 15: AV Sporting puppy / Yearling class (D /B ages 4 to 24 months of age)
  • Class 16: AV to be announced on day

Class winners to complete best Gundog, Terrier, Hound /Lurcher, Supporters, Puppy/ Yearling, Veteran. Winners of these to compete for Champion, Reserve Champion.

£5 voucher from Dorwest for Class winners 6 – 16

Goody Bags for Best in show, reserve best in show

Ring One

Junior Cattistock

Follows on after Sporting Section not before 12.30pm

Kindly sponsored by Stockwood Lettings and Property Management

£1.50 per class tickets from dog show manager

Invited Judge no show experience is needed this section judged on

How happy and kind you are with your D/B

Open to children and young people up to 16 years of age.

No retractable leads for safety please

Families can accompany in the ring

Rosettes and prizes all classes

  • Class 17: Any Dog 
  • Class. 18: Any Female (B)
  • Class 19: Any Veteran either D/B of age 7 or over Class
  • Class 20: The D/B most like owner or costume fancy dress or decorated collar and or lead. Theme is platinum Jubilee. Think flags bunting and Royalty
  • Class 21: Family / Friends group class with one or more D/B

Champion all winners of classes can be beaten another class

4 runner up awards

Ring One

Novelty Section to follow Junior section

Main sponsor John Bright who offer prizes and or vouchers sponsored classes

Judge TBA

Rosettes prizes in all classes

All classes are £1.50 ticket from dog show manager

  • Class 22: Any Puppy/ Yearling from 4 months to 24 months can be split if large entry Rosettes kindly sponsored by Blue Bowl who also offer a dog whistle to the class winner.
  • Class 23: Handsomest dog male class Rosettes kindly sponsored by Taste of the wild
  • Class 24: Prettiest female (b) Rosettes kindly sponsored by Hinton’s HoundsPet care services
  • Class 25: best x breed Rosettes kindly sponsored by Dotty Lottie Who is offering the class winner £10 voucher and 15%discount at Dotty Lottie and 15% discount vouchers to 1st to 6th
  • Class 26: Best Family Pet / Pet any dog or (b) female with family. Rosettes kindly sponsored by East Burton Estate.
  • Class 27: John Bright choice class to be announced on day and charity of JB choice.
  • Class 28: Waggiest Tail. Kindly sponsored by John Bright
  • Class 29: Best Tall dog male or female (b) Kindly sponsored by John Bright
  • Class 30: Best short dog male or (b) female below knee high 18 inches on shoulder. Kindly sponsored by John Bright
  • Class 31: Service dog open to any security dog, therapy, retired police dog, or guide dog. Including those who are blood donors. Kindly sponsored by John Bright
  • Class 32: Look like owner, fancy dress best decorated collar the theme is platinum jubilee think royal Rosettes. Kindly sponsored by Cut Flowers by Kate. Who are offering a £15 voucher to the winner.
  • Class 33: Best Veteran age 7 to 9 years. Kindly sponsored by John Bright
  • Class 34: Best Vintage veteran 10 years and older. Kindly sponsored by John Bright
  • Class 35: Slowest mover class the opposite to a race. Rosettes kindly sponsored by Corbinbere Gundogs
  • Class 36: Best rescue rehomed class. Kindly sponsored by John Bright
  • Class 37: Best Rescue/Rehomed Kindly sponsored by John Bright.

Best in show class winners (can be beaten in other classes)
Reserve Best in show
Best puppy /Yearling
Best Veteran
Best Service dog
Best Rescue /Rehomed

Ring Two

Cattistock Countryside Companion with The Countryside Code

Starts at 11.00am and runs all day

Cost is £1.50 per go.

Winners rosette and prize card to all

Welcome to the Platinum Jubilee at Cattistock!

A course of jumps, hoops and other countryside obstacles and dog related tasks for you and your dog to navigate. You can choose your route around the course.

Novice handlers can be accompanied or you may wish to take part as a family.

N.B. Please note no retractable leads for safety in this ring.

This ring has a course of obstacles and tasks for you to negotiate

Winner rosettes and cards to all, we have no losers here.

All tasks are your choice you may skip any.

Fun for all children can go in with family older dogs may be carried.

No dog we may be able to lend you one.

  • Task One walk around the ring wave to the street party guests with your dog on a loose lead in control or to heel in close control.
  • Task Two Recall leave dog take a few paces away call your dog back this can be done on a long line. The recall your choice either to heel while moving or static. You may also do a formal finish L/R.
  • Task Three weave in out cones.
  • Task Four Tunnel small dogs only / large via hoop small dogs may do hoop if they wish.
  • Task Five The gate open go through controlled manner. You may be asked a countryside code question here.
  • Task Six Have you a poo bag in your pocket.
  • Task Seven Anyone for lawn tennis . Can you pick up a racket and balance a ball place in a bucket without the dog taking it.
  • Task Eight As always Road works in Dorset – follow the diversion.
  • Task Nine sit in a hoop on ground.
  • Task Ten lay down in a hoop on ground.
  • Task Eleven stand still in a hoop on Ground.
  • Task Twelve can you do any of above in a hoop on ground while dog remains still and calm.
  • Task Thirteen A figure of 8 around cones at a slow speed with dog on a loose lead around comes.
  • Task Fourteen impulse and obstacles. Can your dog walk between distractions. It maybe food toys wait to see on the day.
  • Task Fifteen A jump either go over or walk around.
  • Task Sixteen Either walk between these two or jump over.
  • Task Seventeen Time to do a trick or show us how good your dog is showing how friendly they are.
  • Task Eighteen A retrieve or fetch an item toy or ball. Either yours or can lend.
  • Task Nineteen Finally Attend the street Party. Take a selfie and receive your winner rosette and card.

We may add more tasks on the day or put in alternatives.

Ring Three


Tickets £1.50 from dog show manager

Agility to run all day from. 11am

Meet Jenny and her team suitable for novice dogs and handlers and experienced handlers.

Rosettes to all, clear round and specials

Retrieving Dog Tests

Organisor Daniel Moore tessoscar@icloud.com

3 simple tests involving steadiness and retrieving seen and unseen

  • Class 1: Novice Retriever
  • Class 2: Novice Spaniel
  • Class 3: Open Retriever
  • Class 4: Open Spaniel
  • Class 5: Puppy born after January 2021
  • Challenge Cup best Spaniel ( Spaniel with highest marks overall)
  • Challenge Cup best Gamekeepers Dog
  • Challenge Cup for winner of Open Retriever Class
  • Challenge Cup for the winner of Novice Retriever Class
  • Challenge Cup for Best Puppy

Novice for dogs which have never run in a field trial under Kc rules or been placed in an open.

Gundog Test or won a NoviceTest.

Open all other dogs


How to Enter & Show Rules

All enquiries to Helen Freeman Dog Show Manager – 07976 968885

All rings by ticket £1.50 per go or class

Rosettes every go in 2C Companion and Three agility

  • No bitches in season or dogs suffering illness that is contagious
  • We will have water and there is a safe stream next to rings ( unless a drought)
  • Please consider others and leave space between the dog next to you
  • Children novice handlers may be accompanied in the rings
  • Ring one showing dogs to be on a lead all the time unless directed
  • All rings no retractable leads please we can lend in rings 2 and 3 and long lines for recalls
  • Please do not leave dogs in cars unattended you have forward parking for the dog show
  • Any emergency please report to dog show manager
  • Please ask us for bags the show ground is grazed
  • Animal safe sanitiser available

Thank you

With thanks to our 2022 Sponsors and our Supporters:

Blue Bowl ♥ Taste of the Wild ♥ Hinton's Hounds Pet Care ♥ Dotty Lottie ♥ Cut Flowers by Kate ♥ Corbinbere Gundogs ♥ East Burton Estate

Bring your children, your dogs and your friends for a great Dorset day!