All other shows have cancelled. We have re-invented!

When Glastonbury was cancelled, The BBC responded with a weekend’s homage to fifty years of the festival.

Despite our longer illustrious history, if we were to cancel The Cattistock Countryside Show, the press would not honour us with the same brouhaha…

No matter. While across the nation country fairs have laced up their tent flaps and stood down their burger vans and bouncy castles, the organisers of The Cattistock Countryside Show have crafted a cunning plan.

After the initial bemoaning that we couldn’t go ahead with our usual jamboree of vegetable competitions, classic car rally and a fancy-dress pony parade, we’ve reinvented ourselves to bring you the most fun a family can have in this fateful summer of 2020. So when you need us the most, rather than cancel – WE’RE GOING LARGE…

The Cattistock Countryside ROAD-SHOW »

A blend of ‘car treasure hunt’ with aspects of ‘show’ all day!

Starting from our beautiful showground, and heading out around the surrounding countryside. A scavenger trail in which teams will scour the countryside in search of wacky clues and wild prizes.


The aim is to bring you many of the wonders of our great community show, but on a socially distanced scale. En route you’ll encounter games, spectacles, challenges and surprises, following clues to bring you to smaller ‘show pods’. We recommend treasure hunting by car, but you might prefer to go by bike, horse, tractor or foot (if you’re really gung-ho).



Celebrate with us the versatility of all that our rural community has to offer.

The day will be designed to keep you and others safe, working within Covid-19 government guidelines.


Tickets are on sale NOW»

Don’t miss out, we will have to limit. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook as our plans start to take shape…

Like you, we’re just itching for 2020 to finally bring us some fun. So join us for a big day out, in a year where we’ve all spent far too much time in!

It’s time to drop the Zoom and bring on the Vroom.

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